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Porcelain Veneers

We at Rosa Dental want you to look your best, even if you have to have part of a tooth removed.  We know how to restore that natural look you want through restoration.

Dental porcelain (known as dental ceramic) is used to create lifelike crowns, veneers, and bridges.  When a part of a tooth needs to be removed, it is replaced with a porcelain inlay or outlay.  These look like natural teeth and will give relief to you from cavity pain, chewing pain, and tooth degeneration.

Sometimes, you just need a tooth covered up to match the rest of your teeth. Porcelain  Veneers may be just what you need!  For decades  we have been welcoming     people who need to fix their smiles.  Midtown’s Rosa Dental is ready to help you look your best.

Veneers are a thin, semi-transparent tooth shaped “shell” that are custom made of porcelain.  They are permanently bonded to your natural teeth which are located in your “smile zone” to enhance their shape, length or size.

Veneers can fix gaps between teeth and/or improve the appearance of  teeth that are discolored, misshaped or misaligned.



  1. The teeth are cleaned and any old surface restorations are removed.
  2. An impression is taken of the prepped tooth and sent to a lab where a veneer if fabricated.
  3. The veneer is applied with bonding resin and a curing light.
  4. After the veneer is set, it is shaped and polished to look like a natural tooth.



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